I'm Jeel, a Product Designer who found her passion in using technology to design for this user-driven world. I am currently working at Nvidia, Santa Clara as the Interaction Designer for GeForce NOW.

Originally from Mumbai, I like to indulge in casual photography and portrait sketching. I'm also a travel enthusiast as well as a foodie. As someone who designs experiences for a living, I like to blog about my own. Check out my rookie Instagram blog.

My philosophy is that human-centered design is critical towards the fruition of any idea. What I have learnt about HCI during my Masters at Carnegie Mellon University and my work experience until now has given me a strong foundation and I want to probe much deeper, learning and contributing to this field.


Like my work or just want to chat? Feel free to reach out via Email or LinkedIn.

I am always looking for opportunities that challenge my creativity allowing me to innovate daily.

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